Plan 2.2 Coursework and Research (BA>PhD)

Program structure
Fundamental course LAAL700 Studies in Linguistics (3 credits)
For those who have never enrolled in Applied Linguistics as a subject (those who enroll with no credits)
Core courses LAAL701 Seminar for PhD in Applied Linguistic Students (3 credits)
LAAL503 Writing for Academic Purposes (3 credits)
LAAL506 Principles in Language Pedagogy (3 credits)
LAAL507 Paradigms in Language Curriculum Development (3 credits)
LAAL710 Description of Languages and Language Use for Foreign Language Teaching (3 credits)
LAAL711 Advanced Essential Areas of Inquiry in Applied Linguistics (3 credits)
LAAL712 Design of Language Tests and Assessments (3 credits)
LAAL721 Advanced Research and Data Analysis in Applied Linguistics (3 credits)
Elective courses elective 6 credits
LAAL750 Advanced Topics in SLA (3 credits)
LAAL751 Language, Culture, and Cognition (3 credits)
LAAL752 Pronunciation Fundamentals for L2 Teaching and Research (3 credits)
LAAL758 Independent Study (3 credits)
*students may take elective courses offered by the MA program in Applied Linguistics to fulfill this module.
Research Minimum 48 credits
Admission requirements

a:Regular program
  1. Hold a BA in Linguistics, or related fields of study.
  2. Have a composite GPA of 3.50, or a second class honor or upper.
  3. Submit a PhD proposal.
  4. Fulfill the English proficiency requirements set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
English language requirements IELTS: overall grade of more than 3 or
TOEFL iBT: overall grade of more than 32 or
TOEFL ITP held by Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University at a level of more than 400
Admission numbers 1/2561: 3 people
Course duration 4 years
Coursework (credit) 27
Thesis (credit) 36
Min. GPA 3.00
Pass QF + FGS Requirements
Publications 1
Fee (Thesis fee included)

*Currency: baht