MA in Applied in Linguistics

  • About this degree


    The MA Program in Applied Linguistics offers knowledge and expertise to take you into a role in any profession requiring specialized language awareness, including foreign language teaching. The program in research intensive, combining with areas of language description, and language teaching.
  • Program Structure


    Plan A (A2)

    Weekday Program

    Plan B

    Weekend Program

    Core courses 18 18
    Elective courses 6 12
    Thesis 12
    Thematic paper 6
    Total (no less than) 36 36

    Course list

    1. Core courses (all 3 credits)

    LAAL  503       Writing for Academic Purposes

    LAAL  506      Principles in Language Pedagogy

    LAAL  507      Paradigms in Language Curriculum Development

    LAAL  510      Research Methodology in Applied Linguistics

    LAAL  667      Seminar in Applied Linguistics

    LAAL  637      Language Testing and Evaluation


    1. Elective courses (all 3 credits)

    LAAL 513       Computer Technology in Language Learning and Teaching

    LAAL 554       Contrastive Analysis

    LAAL 631       Language Program Administration

    LAAL 632       Second Language Acquisition

    LAAL 633       Instructional System Design for Language Teachers

    LAAL 634       English Phonetics

    LAAL 671       Intercultural Communication

    LAAL 672       Corpus Linguistics

    LAAL 673       Games and Simulations for Language Teaching

    LAAL 674       Integrated Language Teaching Strategies

    LAAL 675       Instructional Media Development


    1. Thesis ( Plan A(2); 12 credits)
    2. Thematic paper (Plan B; 6 credits)


    Research topics

    1. Foreign Language Education and Its Policies
    2. Language Studies
    3. Sociology of Education
    4. English Phonetics
    5. Language Teacher Education
    6. Language Testing and Assessment
    7. Language Teaching Material Development and Evaluation
    8. Language Curriculum Development and Planning
    9. Language Learning Process
    10. Technology in Language Learning and Teaching
    11. Autonomous Learning
    12. Teacher and Learner Development
    13. Instructional System Design for Language Teachers
    14. Language Teaching
    15. Language Program Administration
    16. Games and Simulations for Language Teaching
    17. Human Computer Interaction
    18. Instructional Technology and Innovation
  • Entry requirements


    -Successful applicant must

    1. Hold a bachelor’s degree in any field of study, or be a student in the final semester with a good academic record
    2. Have a composite GPA over 2.50 or equivalent;
    3. Demonstrate English Proficiency by having a TOEFL score of at least 500 (paper-based), an IELTS score of at least 5.5, or equivalent; or passing the English Proficiency Examination arranged by the Faculty of Graduate Studies;
    4. Pass the program written examination
  • Program fees


    Approximate tuition and fee (excl. academic service fee and living expenses).

    Plan A (2) (Full-time, weekdays) Plan B (Part-time, weekends)
    THB Approx.


    Approx. CNY Approx. USD THB Approx.


    Approx. CNY Approx. USD
    Tuition fee (24 credits) 216,000 717,822 42,624 6,530 Tuition fee (33 credits) 297,000 987,005 58,608 8,435
    Thesis fee (12 credits) 50,400 179,456 9,946 1,524 Thematic paper (6 credits) 9,000 29,910 1,776 273
    Total 266,400 897278 52,570 8,054 Total 306,000 101,6915 60,384 8,708
  • Scholarships


    Reduced lecture credit fee for Thai residents (up to 6,500 THB per credit) Academic excellence grant (fee waived for first year student, merit-based, one grant for each semester)  -Teaching assistant scholarship by the Faculty of Liberal Arts  -Full or partial tuition waiver offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Academic staffs


    Name Education Expertise/Interests Contact
    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Songsri Soranastaporn PhD (Ed. Admin and Foundations) Illinois State University, USA Language Program Administration; Technology in Language Teaching; Games and Simulations
    Asst. Prof. Dr. Wiwat Puntai PhD (Information Studies) University of Maryland, USA TEFL; Language Assessment
    Dr. Kornsiri Boonyaprakob PhD (Curriculum and Instruction) North Carolina State University, USA Teacher development; Autonomous learning; Learner development;
    Dr. Chantarath Hongboontri PhD (Applied Linguistics) University of Queensland, Australia Sociology of Education; Teacher Beliefs; Cultural Organization; Student Voice; Pedagogy;
    Dr. Natthapong Chanyoo PhD (Instruction and Learning) University of Pittsburgh, USA Functional Linguistics; Language and Mind; TEFL
  • Living at Mahidol University


    Living Cost
    Example of monthly expense with on –campus accommodation (International Condominium)*

    Expenses THB
    Rent 6000
    Electricity and water 1000
    Food 6000
    Mobile Package 400
    Miscellaneous 3000
    Total 16,400

    * Subject to be vary due to living style

    **health insurance of about THB 1,300 excluded